Lightweight, 2014/2021

3 volumetric luminograms
Ultraviolet print on plexiglass
28h x 18.6w x 1.5d in. (42.2h x 71.1w x 3.8d cm) each
Total weight: 38lbs (total)
ED: 2 + 2AP

Lightweight, 2014/2021 is a play on the ultra-ultra-ephemerality of image-making. The varying blue and magenta forms are self-reflexive contours of the insides and outsides of the camera body, the result of movements in space, from varying distances, with red, green and blue light sources, around the sensor. The magenta is the result of the blue and red light mixing. I regard the aforementioned as a form of, and in the tradition of, mark-making. The objects’ dimensions are that of standard digital photographs. The thickness of the substrate was chosen to gather maximum light from the local environment, so that each site may interact with the work. The work’s distance from the wall behind it determines the saturation of the colors via affecting its opacity.

As toddler I crawled around the home darkroom of a luminary and innovator in the field of industrial construction and development and it clearly instigated a thirst for creating with light, instead of bricks. Although elements of building and architecture still creep in nonetheless. 

More than anything, what was going through my mind when making this work, was the infamous Double Slit Experiment, the basis for our current understanding of quantum physics, which is based on the lesser known, but spectacularly named, Young’s Experiment. In both cases, scientists directed light sources at surfaces with two thin, parallel vertical openings, so as to observe whether the resulting patterns on the wall behind the openings were scattered in the way of interfering waves, or individually landing photons (depending on some varying factors.) The primary purpose of this was of course to attempt to pin down light’s essence as either particle or wave. While I did not manage to discover a new reality, I did manage to make something kinda heavy, man. Literally.

- Artist Proof 1 pictured above
- Artist Proof 2 is on view in "The Patriot" at O’flahertys, New York

 Detail (single slice)
28h x 18.6w x 1.5d in. (42.2h x 71.1w x 3.8d cm)