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Interlocutor, a 2 person show, w/Jennifer McDermott, Art Club, New York, Fall 2022
Curated by Clifford Owens

Clifford Owens, Curator: Young pushes the limits of digital photography in extreme close-ups of brick buildings, which were captured under cover of night and recorded as digital noise, in a group of large-scale, abstract color photographs that refer back to its index. Through his mastery of photography, Young applies his personal relationship to the architectonic of brick patterns in a suite of chromatic, geometric abstractions.

Curator Clifford Owens supervises install of Red Camera


Red Camera, 2012-2022

Quadryptych of 4 photographs
42h x 28w in. ea. (106.68h x 71.12w cm)
Sizes Variable
Ed: 4 + AP
Signed en verso

Brush and Sky Cluster, 2014/2022

27h x 40w in. (68.58h x 101.6w cm)
Sizes variable
Ed: 5 + 2AP
Signed en verso


Heat Index
, 2018


Above: Curator Clifford Owens supervises install of Heat Index, 2018


Endurance, 2014

Wall sculpture
Lightjet ilfochrome on dibond, matte laminate, welded aluminum frame
20h x 64w in. (60.96h x 162.56w cm.)
Ed: 2 + AP