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Geomorphology, 2014/2020

Fuji Flex on Dibond
50h x 70w in (127h x 177.8w cm)
Ed: 4 + AP

Geomorphology, 2014/2020 is a birds eye view of our digitally mediated world, where the real and the digital become continually harder to peel apart. This new landscape is experienced here as a fantastical, topographical photocollage. Gestures are made with oil and acrylic paint on wood, after which the camera is used to ingest them. Photographic processes and chance are then employed and repeated until the desired composition is reached. The camera sensor and chip intervening on this capture become a new kind of gesture in and of itself as they add their signature characteristics to the image. Even though photography traditionally contains a flat, smooth surface, lacking the facture of a painting, here, through experimentation and time, paint layers and photo layers merge until new land is found.