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Resurgence, 2018

Inkjet print, 7"x 5"
Signed on verso

Prints are available in editions of 10 on a first come, first served basis:
Acquire: https://carriage-trade-ny.myshopify.com/products/h-spencer-young-2

From carriagetrade.org:

Social Photography VII

Prints available online: socialphotography.carriagetrade.org
See details on purchasing below*

Gallery Exhibition: July 9-August 25, 2019
Opens: Tuesday, July 9, 6-8PM
carriage trade
277 Grand St, 2nd Fl.  New York, NY 10002

First presented in 2011, carriage trade's Social Photography exhibitions have become both a tradition and an ongoing survey of cell phone camera use. What began as a novelty medium seven or eight years ago now provides currency for the $100 billion picture mill of Instagram, which funnels 95 million images a day through its social media network via opaque algorithms that determine the order and context of what we see. Unlike social media formats on our phones which encourage endless scrolling through a "bottomless bowl" of images, Social Photography cell phone pictures exist both online and in the gallery. Faced with a group of photographs in the exhibition space, any of which can draw one's attention or focus, accidental associations present themselves through proximity (their order is based on when images are emailed to the gallery) underscoring the alternative of seeing cell phone images in a physical setting free of social media filters. Matching cell phone technology's near universal use, Social Photography embraces both the intentionally of artists and photographers who employ cell phone cameras for study or end use, as well as the casual non-professionals who might find themselves in the right place at the right time, and everything in between. Not limited to visual artists, the participants also include writers, curators, musicians, students, etc., (see partial list of contributors below) reflecting the accessibly and ubiquity of cell phone camera technology. Functioning simultaneously as a benefit exhibition to help support upcoming programming at carriage trade, there is no particular theme guiding Social Photography VII. Participants email images from their phones to carriage trade, which are then formatted, printed on 5" x 7" paper, and sold online and in the gallery during the exhibition.  Less a sanctioning of an evolving medium than a hybrid of a traditional exhibition format and the wider net of social media, Social Photography continues to function as a means to sustain and expand carriage trade's community, which exists in the combined spheres of online experience and the irreplaceable physicality of the exhibition space itself.

*Prints are available in editions of 10 on a first come, first served basis:
1 for $75.00
2 for $120.00 (use promo code: 2/$120 at checkout)
3 for $150.00 (use promo code: 3/$150 at checkout)
  Beginning Thursday, June 27 at 2pm, Social Photography VI photographs can purchased here:https://socialphotography.carriagetrade.orgPrints purchased online by July 4 will be available for pick-up during the opening on July 9.

Social Photography VII Contributors (Partial List):   

Ruthie Abel   Dennis Adams   Peggy Ahwesh  Graham Anderson   Michele Araujo   Michael Ashkin
Mengfan Bai   James Barondess   David Baskin   Lisa Beck   Peter Bellamy   Elyse Benenson Theodora Benezra   Amy Ben-Ezra   Liz Berg   Julien Bismuth   Joi Bittle   Lisa Blas   Ann Bobco   Richard Bosman   Sylvie Boulanger   Kimberly Bradley   Sergio Bregante   Antoine Catala   Mary Ann Chafin   Mary Clarke   Matt Connors  Jeri Coppola   Anne Couillaud    Fred Cray  Jody Culkin  Adam Davis   Mira Dayal   Marie de Brugerolle   Liz Deschenes   David Deutsch   Daniella Dooling   Andrew Edlin  Satoru Eguchi   Barbara Ess   Victor Esther   Peter Fend   Quincy Flowers   Richard Foulser   Andrea Frank   Rainer Ganahl   Jeff Gibson   Liam Gillick  Andrew Ginzel   Robert Goldman   Jennifer Golub   Kathy Goncharov   Michelle Grabner   Dan Graham  Tracy Grayson   Cristina Guadalupe   Clair Gunther   Helga Hansen   Rachel Harrison  Lorna Hayden  Drew Healy  Eric Heist   Pippa Hetherington   Sarah Higuchi - Crowe   Duy Hoang   James Hoff   Karl Holmqvist   Emily Hunt    Laura Hunt   Scott Indrisek   Virginia Inés Vergara   Lindsay Jarvis  Keenan Jay   Bryn Jayes   Steffani Jemison   Suzanne Joelson   Nicole Kaack   Werner Kaligofsky   Craig Kalpakjian   Dean Kaufman    Caitlin Keogh   Anjali Khosla   Joyce Kim   Anna Kleberg   Essye Klempner   Hilary Kliros   Nicholas Knight   Aleksander Komarov   Sophie Kovel   Udomsak Krisanamis   Stephen Lack   Justen Ladda   Marc Lafia   Louise Lawler Mika Lee   Simon Leung   Laura Li   Jiajun Liu   Margaret Liu Clinton  Judith Luongo  Stephen Maine Jiří Makovec   Kai Matsumiya   Satomi Matsuzaki   Esperanza Mayobre  Tom McGlynn  Mieko Meguro   Sarah Meister  John Miller   Tracy Molis   Veronika Molnar   Hyungjo Moon   Ben Morgan-Cleveland   Muntadas   Rick Myers   Hiji Nam   Warren Neidich  Diane Nerwen  Thomas Neuville   John Oakes   Kristin Ordahl   Tony Oursler   Virginia Overton  Laura Parnes   Stephan Pascher   Djuna Partegas Pascher   Gelah Penn   Andreas Petrossiants   Zoe Pettijohn Schade   Michael Poetschko   Lee Ranaldo  Xander Rapparport   Calvin Reid   Elliott Robbins   Daniel Roche   Iris Rose   Aura Rosenberg   Barbara Rothbart   Ilan Rubin   Ken Saylor  John Schabel   Julia Scher  Jeffrey Schiff   Heidi Schlatter   Diana Schmertz   Nadine Schmied   Pieter Schoolworth   Barry Schwabsky   Anne Senstad   Elaine Sexton   Trevor Shimizu   James Siena   Leah Singer   Molly Soda   Claudia Sohrens   Tom Sperry  Gary Stephan   Steel Stillman   Tam Stockton   George Stoll   Carol Szymanski    Sikay Tang  Gwenn Thomas  Colin Thomson   Ben Thorp Brown   Cassidy Toner  Yulia Topchiy   Dan Torop   Sophie Tottie   Pegi Vail   Ali Van   Liselot van der Heijden   Philip Vanderhyden   Doris Vila Licht Julia Wachtel   Lindsay Walt   Dan Walworth   Max Warsh   Apichatpong Weerasethakul   Barbara Weissberger   Scott Williams   Nechama Winston   B. Wurtz   Bernard Yenelouis   Sun You H Spencer Young   Paul Young   Hanwen Zhang   Jiajia Zhang   John Zinsser   Ivandino Zulkarnaen 
About carriage trade:
Carriage trade was founded on Prince Street in Soho in 2008 with the mission of presenting aesthetically innovative and socially relevant group exhibitions combining the non-commercial mission of a non-profit, the programming flexibility of a small gallery, and the historical scope of a museum. Offering an alternative to presenting artists within one-person shows or art fair booths where shared influences and historical precedents may not be apparent, carriage trade's group exhibitions assert interconnectedness among artists regardless of period, medium, or style. Filling a gap that exists between the non-profit sector's support for younger emerging artists and the art market's investment in established artists, many of the exhibitions include mid-career artists doing significant work that is underrepresented in contemporary art venues.