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Geometrodynamics #1, 2019
34h x 22.7w in (86.36h x 57.658w cm)
Ed: 4 + AP

Geometrodynamics #1 and #2, 2019 are part of an ongoing exploration of the unseen shapes, structures and boundaries of our world, both in time and space, via a series of formal challenges pertaining to photography itself and what defines its own boundaries.

The compositions comprising Geometrodynamics #1 and #2, 2019 were created using the camera only, employing an array of experimental techniques which themselves test the boundaries of what is and is not traditionally considered photography, insofar as photography is, in its purest form, perfectly indexical.

While the compositions are created with the camera only, exposure adjustments are made to these images in post-production, akin to what might be done in a traditional darkroom when printing black and white or color images.

These two works, an attempt to envision unseen cosmological physical structures around us, are named after controversial theories which attempt to break down all forces of the universe into strictly geometrical terms.