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Imaginary Time #1, 2013

34h x 22.7w in (86.36h x 57.658w cm)
Ed: 4 + AP

Imaginary Time, #1, 2013 is part of an ongoing exploration of the unseen shapes, structures and boundaries of our world, both in time and space, via a series of formal challenges pertaining to photography itself and what defines its own boundaries.

The work is created using the camera only, employing an array of experimental techniques which themselves test the boundaries of what is and is not traditionally considered photography, insofar as photography is, in its purest form, perfectly indexical.
Imaginary Time #1, 2013 is part of a series of “time and location shifted” works which comprise images taken at different times and places (different U.S. states in this instance), in one work.

The trees, from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, in landscape orientation, were captured, and, at a later date, combined in-situ, using the camera only, with multiple interfering images of the Empire State Building, in portrait orientation.

It is the idea of one image containing a span of time within it that connects with the title, Imaginary Time, a physics function utilized in experiments which require a broader theoretical concept of time, one in which everything happens at the same time, versus our traditional understanding of time as a straight line with a beginning, and possibly an end.

The technology allowing the aforementioned time shifting, while relatively new in the history of photography, has now been available for nearly 15 years.

• Exhibited in Landscape / Cityscape at Abattoir Gallery